CentralNic is the pioneering world leader in the new and extremely specialist practice of new TLD services. Also the world’s longest-running domain name registry, having been in operation for fifteen years, CentralNic comprises a veteran management team, unmatched industry experience, a specialist ICANN applications team and world-class registry technology. With 26 domains currently under management, CentralNic holds more recent experience in the launch of domain extensions than any other registry. We have offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Dubai, and a team of globally focused account executives that reaches as far as Australia.

Our team comprises respected leaders in the domain name industry and word-class experts in the practices of business strategy, tender preparation, marketing, domain-specific technology and ICANN policy. CentralNic will ensure the successful acquisition, and smooth and secure management of your dotFamilyName TLD, and will provide best-practice advice on maximising the potential of your dotFamilyName TLD based on your specific objectives.

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1) What is a TLD?


A TLD (Top Level Domain) is the string of letters that appears at the end of a web address, after the dot. The most commonly used TLDs are .com and .net. There are currently only 22 TLDs in the internet’s addressing system. The governing body of the internet, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has initiated a process that will eventuate in the launch of up to 1000 new TLDs next year, including .city TLDs such as .nyc and .paris, .brand TLDs such as .nike and .coke, and .familyname TLDs such as .rockefeller. A simple and intuitive address that is easily recognized and located by search engines and web users, your .familyname TLD will ensure you occupy pride of place on the world wide web, but only if you choose to be available for public search.

nike.com → .nike
coke.com → .coke
paris.com → .paris
nyc.com → .nyc
rockefeller.com → .rockefeller

2) How can I apply for a dotFamilyName TLD?


Acquiring a dotFamilyName TLD is a complex and specialist process that requires expert knowledge limited to very few companies worldwide. The exercise requires the compilation of a 200-page application that fulfills to ICANN specified regulations governing:

  1. Technology
  2. Business plans
  3. Financial resources
  4. Criminal records of principals
  5. Ability to respond to challenges and objections

Each application is reviewed by various technical due diligence professionals and committees. It is then published and open to public, governmental, legal and commercial challenges and objections – all of which must be answered to ICANN’s satisfaction. In the case of valid applications for similar TLDs, the license is auctioned.

CentralNic is uniquely qualified to manage the acquisition of your dotFamilyName TLD, and to ensure smooth and successful navigation of the application process . Our specialist ICANN application team has been involved in the new TLD initiative since its inception and has undertaken an active role in the development of policies and regulations that govern the acquisition of new top level domains.

3) What are the risks of not applying?


New TLD applications will be accepted in a series of ‘rounds’, the first of which will take place in January 2012. The second round will take anywhere from 5 to 10 years to open. Not applying in the first round means that you risk waiting a significant amount time for another opportunity, and worse yet, losing your dotFamilyName TLD altogether to someone else with the same name or a confusingly similar name. Only one TLD can be awarded against each name. The remaining families with the same name or similar names will lose rights to their digital namespace forever.

4) How does the application process work?


ICANN will accept dotFamilyName TLD applications over a 3 month period commencing January 12, 2012. The first round of approvals will be revealed in October 2012, making way for the approved applicants to commence their launch strategies towards the end of 2012.

The application is 200-page highly technical document that requires the expertise of a specialist ICANN applications team to ensure ICANN’s strict guidelines are met and a winning tender is submitted. Application writing should commence as soon as possible to ensure that the strongest and most compelling case is prepared for your dotFamilyName TLD.

5) What criteria do I need to meet to qualify for a dotFamilyName TLD?


Anyone can own a new TLD as long as they meet the financial, technical and legal requirements specified by ICANN and enter a contract with a specialist .familyname registry operator, to manage the technical operation of their top level domain. To find out if you qualify, contact us for a complimentary consultation today.

6) In what languages are dotFamilyName TLDs available?


Our world-class registry platform enables you to register and operate a dotFamilyName TLD in any language or script.

7) Tell me more about your world-class technology


CentralNic has operated registry platforms for 15 years, and these have evolved with developments in the market and the regulatory environment. Today CentralNic is the “Rolls Royce” of registry platforms, already operating above ICANN specification for new TLDs in every respect (which are much higher than the requirements for ccTLDs and existing gTLDs). CentralNic leads the industry in domain name system security, boasting a 15 year track record of 100% availability and DNSSEC implemented across every one of our 26 zones. CentralNic’s global IT infrastructure consists of servers in 50 locations worldwide, guaranteeing DNS availability even in the case of the simultaneous cataclysmic natural disasters on three continents.