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dotFamily: For a half million, right of the dot innovators will carry your name forward into the digital age -

Discover your newest domain - the most exclusive real estate in the digital world. An address so prestigious and technologically advanced, that it places you and your family at the very apex of the digital landscape. The opportunity now exists to secure your place in this inner sanctum. Only 1000 names will be made available.

From Dot Com To Dot (Your Name Here) -

Early next year, the floodgates will open to cities and companies who want their own version of "dot com." Philly and families can get in on the action, too - for a price.

Instead of going to, you could - someday - go to .phila.

CentralNic Plans Family gTLDs. Do They Contravene ICANN Guidelines? -

Registry CentralNic is adding vanity generic Top Level Domains to its offering suggesting that the ultra-wealthy might like to have their very own gTLD.

The company is plugging dotFamilyName and say that "for as little as $500,000, the most prestigious and technologically advanced address is available to the families who wish to carry their name forward into the digital age."

Top Level Domains for the Ultra Wealthy? Do the 1% need their own top level domain name? -

For as little as $500,000, prominent families will have access to the most prestigious and technologically advanced address located at the apex of the internet.

Hey, what else would you do with a spare half million dollars?

Domain registry touts dot-surnames for $500k -

A British company thinks the "ultra wealthy" will be prepared to splash out a cool $500,000 (£317k) to get their own top-level family domain name.

CentralNic has launched dotFamilyName, a service it says is designed to help "high net worth families" apply to ICANN next year for a new internet extension matching their surname.

Have a Spare Half Million? Get Your Own Domain Name! -

With just 85 days to go until you can get your very own top-level domain name, Web registry CentralNic has launched a service for the more…discerning buyers.

ICANN, the international organization that sets the rules for domain names, approved new top-level domains in June, allowing for companies like Apple to use the .apple domain, for example.

Families can pay $500,000 for gTLD -

Wealthy families can now register their names as a gTLD if they pay $500,000 to CentralNic registry, which will write their applications and provide registry services.

The dotfamilyname initiative is targeting "high net-worth individuals", according to Ben Crawford, chief executive at CentralNic registry. He said he was using connections in the art world and the private jet industry to find support for the project. No Politics (Yet), Just Rock and Roll -

As it turns out, the Tea Party might just be one rock band’s ticket to Millionaire’s Lane.

A Canadian band formed in 1990 with the same name recently put its site up for sale, and the timing couldn’t be better as the U.S. gears up for the 2012 election.

Many have speculated about how much the domain could sell for, with recently going for a whopping $13 million. If all goes as planned, the rock group could find itself swimming in riches, and not from a platinum album.

Secure the Pinnacle of Status with

New York, USA/London, UK (October 18, 2011) – After the $100 hamburger, the $10,000 cell phone and the $100,000,000 home, the ultra wealthy will now be acquiring the world's most exclusive luxury in the digital realm - their own Top-Level Domain ("TLD") – catapulting the likes of .Hilton and .Buffett to the highest level of the internet alongside .com and .net.

dotFamilyName, an elite online luxury service provider from internet innovator CentralNic, is making the most exclusive real estate in the digital world available for people wishing to secure a place for their family name at the very apex of the internet. For as little as $500,000, the most prestigious and technologically advanced address is available to the families who wish to carry their name forward into the digital age.

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