CentralNic Plans Family gTLDs. Do They Contravene ICANN Guidelines?

Source: http://www.domainnews.com/en/centralnic-plans-family-gtlds-do-they-contravene-icann-guidelines.html

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Registry CentralNic is adding vanity generic Top Level Domains to its offering suggesting that the ultra-wealthy might like to have their very own gTLD.

The company is plugging dotFamilyName and say that "for as little as $500,000, the most prestigious and technologically advanced address is available to the families who wish to carry their name forward into the digital age."

But ICANN has said in the Applicant Guidebook, in section 1.2.1 titled "Eligibility", that:

Established corporations, organisations, or institutions in good standing may apply for a new gTLD. Applications from individuals or sole proprietorships will not be considered. Applications from or on behalf of yet-to-be-formed legal entities, or applications presupposing the future formation of a legal entity (for example, a pending Joint Venture) will not be considered.

CentralNic says that a dotFamilyName gTLD can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To create a network of private family websites – a discreet, centralised destination for use by family members containing classified content and images.
  • To create an authenticated source of family information for public consumption.
  • To establish a legacy for generations to come, ensuring that the bond between generations will be kept alive.
  • To ensure that you remain amongst a privileged few in owning a personalised TLD on the World Wide Web.
  • To maintain control over your official web presence, acting as a state of the art security system for your personal reputation.
  • To ensure that, among the families sharing your name, your family controls it.

But how CentralNic intends to skirt the eligibility rules remains a mystery. Maybe they intend to allow companies to apply, through a foundation or family business, but whether ICANN would allow this remains to be seen.