dotFamily: For a half million, right of the dot innovators will carry your name forward into the digital age


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Discover your newest domain - the most exclusive real estate in the digital world. An address so prestigious and technologically advanced, that it places you and your family at the very apex of the digital landscape. The opportunity now exists to secure your place in this inner sanctum. Only 1000 names will be made available.

Of all the new right of the dot ideas, this is the best application I've heard yet. Even though Bill Gates never thought it valuable to register his (as dotCOM). Wrote one blogger, " He has all the money in the world and why Mr.Gates did not register his own domain name for, now we know why Mr.Gates is no match for Google. So much for the title "King of Computers"." Now he'll get another chance.

When you think of the 1% of billionaires that a "vanity" domain would appeal to, I have to congratulate my friends at CentralNic who are backing the effort and have a sure winner in tow.

The press release reads:

Now, as well as .com and .net, there will also be .coke and .nike, and even .familynames. These new top level domain (TLD) addresses will enable an elite few to represent themselves and their families at the right side of the dot.

For instance, will simply become .rothschild, joining an esteemed network of luxury brands, prominent cities and global conglomerates along the golden mile of the internet.

Wealthy families can now register their names as a gTLD if they pay $500,000 to CentralNic registry, which will write their applications and provide registry services.

The dotfamilyname initiative is targeting "high net-worth individuals", according to Ben Crawford, chief executive at CentralNic registry. He said he was using connections in the art world and the private jet industry to find support for the project.

A gTLD can be used "to create an authenticated source of family information for public consumption", according to the dotfamilyname site.

Individuals cannot apply for a gTLD, but there is nothing to stop organisations supporting personal-use extensions.

Experience the benefits...

==> A private kingdom...

Your dotFamilyName TLD can be used to create a network of private family websites - a discreet, centralized destination for use by family members and/or friends containing classified content and images.

==> An official estate...

Your dotFamilyName TLD can be used to create an authenticated source of family information for public consumption.

==> An heirloom...

A legacy for generations to come, your dotFamilyName TLD will keep the bond between generations alive.

==> A mark of prominence...

A simple and intuitive address that is easily recognized and located by search engines and web users, your dotFamilyName TLD will ensure you occupy pride of place on the world wide web, but only if you choose to be available for public search.

An expensive and complex acquisition process will ensure that you remain amongst a privileged few in owning a dotFamilyName TLD.

==> A state of the art security system...

Control over your official web presence will become a simplified process. Web users will intuitively know that unless it appears on your dotFamilyName website, content is neither authorized or legitimate.