Have a Spare Half Million? Get Your Own Domain Name!

Source: http://www.portfolio.com/views/blogs/executive-style/2011/10/18/dotfamilyname-launches-luxury-domain-name-service


With just 85 days to go until you can get your very own top-level domain name, Web registry CentralNic has launched a service for the more…discerning buyers.

ICANN, the international organization that sets the rules for domain names, approved new top-level domains in June, allowing for companies like Apple to use the .apple domain, for example.

While the new domains will be available in about three months, CentralNic is not mucking around, launching its dotFamilyName service today. The service will allow the Trumps, Buffetts, and Hiltons of the world to secure their own domain names to use however they like—or just prevent cybersquatters.

The service will cost a whopping $500,000, which puts it out of the price range of more than most. This is how the 1 percent roll, people.