Dot Com and Dot Net to be joined by Dot Trump and Dot Buffett?

Secure the Pinnacle of Status with
A Digital Legacy for the Ultra Wealthy

New York, USA/London, UK (October 18, 2011) – After the $100 hamburger, the $10,000 cell phone and the $100,000,000 home, the ultra wealthy will now be acquiring the world's most exclusive luxury in the digital realm - their own Top-Level Domain ("TLD") – catapulting the likes of .Hilton and .Buffett to the highest level of the internet alongside .com and .net.

dotFamilyName, an elite online luxury service provider from internet innovator CentralNic, is making the most exclusive real estate in the digital world available for people wishing to secure a place for their family name at the very apex of the internet. For as little as $500,000, the most prestigious and technologically advanced address is available to the families who wish to carry their name forward into the digital age.

Due to a recently approved new TLD policy from internet governing body ICANN, .com and .net will be joined by the names of iconic cities (.paris and .nyc) and world-renowned brand names (.canon and .deloitte). With dotFamilyNames, domain names such as .Gates, .Ellison, and .Walton will also be able to join this golden mile of the internet.

Your dotFamilyName TLD can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. To create a network of private family websites – a discreet, centralized destination for use by family members containing classified content and images.
  2. To create an authenticated source of family information for public consumption.
  3. To establish a legacy for generations to come, ensuring that the bond between generations will be kept alive.
  4. To ensure that you remain amongst a privileged few in owning a personalized TLD on the World Wide Web.
  5. To maintain control over your official web presence, acting as a state of the art security system for your personal reputation.
  6. To ensure that, among the families sharing your name, your family controls it.

"We are excited to launch dotFamilyName, which provides the world's most demanding consumers with an entirely unique method of establishing an online legacy," said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic, the domain name registry that is powering dotFamilyName. "For an elite few, this ability represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a domain name that will serve as both a digital kingdom and a family heirloom."

Acquiring a dotFamilyName TLD is a complex and specialist process that requires expert knowledge limited to very few companies worldwide. With over 15 years of domain industry experience, CentralNic is uniquely qualified to manage and ensure the smooth and successful navigation of this application process. Their specialist ICANN application team and expert technical staff have been closely involved in the new TLD initiative from its outset, and are facilitating new TLD acquisition for brands and governments globally – as well as families through their dotFamilyName service.

About CentralNic

The only registry to launch two new domain extensions in 2010, CentralNic manages 26 domain extensions, including .US.COM, .LA, UK.COM in the United Kingdom, .EU.COM in Europe, and .CN.COM in China. One of the longest-running domain registries in the world, CentralNic is the Registry Service Provider of choice for new Top-Level Domains requiring proven secure and stable technology, global distribution, and expertise in both marketing and the domain industry.


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