Top Level Domains for the Ultra Wealthy?

Do the 1% need their own top level domain name?


Domain Name Wire

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

A new offering from CentralNic called dotFamilyName proposes that the ultra rich should get their own top level domain name.

.Buffet, anyone?

The company pitches:

"For as little as $500,000, prominent families will have access to the most prestigious and technologically advanced address located at the apex of the internet."

Hey, what else would you do with a spare half million dollars?

Although I think most of the value CentralNic will get out of this new offering is press, don't be surprised if a couple people take them up on it — especially if they have a last name that could also be a brand.

I like the ring of .allemann, but I don't fall into the ultra rich category.